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7 Year Old Arts and Crafts Subscription Business With 44 Courses and 2,500+ Paid Subscribers New

  • Asking Price : $ 378,750
  • Profit Multiple : 2.20 x
  • Annual Gross Revenue : $ 280,416
  • Location : California
  • Annual Net Profit : $ 172,157
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Business Description

Main Benefits

  • $4.9M ARR (March 2024)
  • Revenue CMGR of 16.3% (April 2023 – March 2024)
  • Used by 3M+ academics worldwide
  • Trusted by academics at renowned universities including Cambridge, Oxford, MIT and Stanford


For sale is a rapidly growing SaaS business in the Academic Generative AI-Writing niche.

Launched in 2019, Project Jumper is a market leader with enormous popularity, having assisted over 3M students throughout its operational history.

The Company offers several advanced features, including its popular AI essay writer. Project Jumper’s Research Library allows users to upload and store their sources, expediting the citation process. Users can then converse with their sources by asking for clarification and summaries. The Company aims to help develop fundamental research skills, rather than automate and replace the writer entirely.

Monetized through monthly subscriptions, the company is competitively priced and has generated $2.5M in revenue over the LTM, with ARR growing at a CMGR of 16.1% to $4.9M (March 2024).

Project Jumper presents an opportunity for a new owner to take over a well-established and rapidly growing business

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