AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Mindset Coaching for Athletes


Mindset 15

Explore 15 Dynamic Components at the Intersection of Neuroscience, Sports Psychology, and Business Acumen. Ascend from the World of Elite Sports to the Pinnacle of Entrepreneurship with Our Neuroscience-Supported Strategy And Empirically Backed Assessments.


Geraldine Anathan



What is Mindset 15?

Mastering your mindset isn’t just a strategy—it’s an essential tool for navigating the complexities and challenges of life. Your mindset shapes your actions, decisions, and reactions to the world around you.

In ‘Mindset 15’, our principles formulate a potent combination for post-athletes transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship. Led by Harvard trained Peak Performance Coach and Psychologist Geraldine Anathan, these lessons take a deep dive into concepts like outcome engineering, strategic communication, and accessing your flow triggers. Each component of ‘Mindset 15’ is meticulously designed to deploy that same intensity, discipline, and drive that propelled your athletic career into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Course Curriculum

Growth Mindset

Unearth the secret formula to fuel your potential, where evey challenge becomes a stepping stone to unparalleled growth and success.

Self-awareness & Identity

Unearth your inner strengths and decode the essence of your unique persona, paving the way towards an authentic and successful future.

Vitality Management

Transform your existing attention to well-being, and optimize performance in every facet of life.

Outcome Engineering

Formulate precise goals, then plan & execute them with precision.

Energy Optimization

Master cutting-edge time management techniques to optimize productivity and gain control over your path to success.


Demolish distractions and elevate your path to success with razor-sharp precision.


Learn the science-based benefits and techniques to tap into presence.


Elevate your neurochemistry through the power of appreciation.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn and practice the key to strengthening your relationships.

Communication Mastery

Conquer the skills to express, listen, influence and inspire.

The State of Flow

Harness your focus, creativity, and productivity through neuroscience.

Flow Blocks, Flow Triggers

Overcome & identify obstacles while harnessing triggers that propel you into the optimal state.

Stress & Burnout Eradication

Learn the science-based solutions to overwhelm and exhaustion.

Teaming: The Power of Network

Nurturing your “teams” to enhance collaborative success and propel your entrepreneurial journey.

Trailblazing Leadership: Consolidating Your Values

Craft the cumulative identity of your leadership legacy.

Ready for the next phase of growth?

Embrace your next chapter with an empowered mindset and renewed vigor. Our comprehensive course equips you with the transformative skills and perspectives needed to navigate this journey. Ready to level up? Join us: you deserve to have the life you’ve dreamed of.