AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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It's time to invest in the next phase of your game

Coaching & Funding For Former Athletes To Acquire Cash Flowing Business

Mindset Coaching

Led by Harvard trained faculty, our mindset coaching program is designed to transform you into a resilient and focused entrepreneur ready to tackle any challenge.
  • Growth Mindset
  • Self-awareness & Identity
  • Outcome Engineering
  • Focus
  • and much more

Learn Business Acquisitions

The essential skills and strategies to successfully acquire and lead a business.

  • Search and Secure an Acquisition
  • Valuations
  • Due Diligence
  • Finance the Acquisition
  • Raise the Fund
  • Closing the Deal
  • Managing the Business
  • and much more

Capital and Connections To Buy A Business

Gain access to essential resources and networks to fuel your acquisition journey and achieve entrepreneurial success.

  • Capital Raising
  • Investor Network
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Preferred lender network
  • Financial Planning
  • and much more

Turn Athletic Success Into Business Ownership

Buying a business is a great way to become a CEO, but most early-stage entrepreneurs need capital and coaching to get started. We understand the unique challenges athletes face when transitioning from a well-established, highly regarded identity to establishing a new one. We’ve been in your shoes and know the path forward.

Athletes completing the program walk away with:

  • Coaching and Capital: Essential support and funding to launch your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Real World Experience: Hands-on experience in the process of buying and running a business.
  • Business Mentors: Access to seasoned mentors who provide guidance and insights.
  • Investor Network: A strong network of investors ready to support your business ventures.
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The necessary and indispensable tools for any successful transition into business, entrepreneurship or a trade with the knowledge that they have been proven to be successful by some of the best athletes in the world. The classrooms, locker-rooms and fields of college and professional sports are constant proving grounds for individual growth, character development, and adversity...provides everyone with the access to the training camp for success and the wisdom of its application to the toughest business fields in the world.

De Maurice Smith Executive Director NFL Players Association
demaurice smith endorses After The Game by Jay Dixon

A necessary resource for both current and former athletes

Stephanie Geosits Board of Directors Soccer Canada
Stephanie Geosits endorses After The Game by Jay Dixon

As a former Los Angeles Dodgers player who transitioned into entrepreneurship, I deeply resonate with the message... brilliantly bridges the gap between athletic discipline and business acumen. Dixon's insights are not just motivational; they are a practical guide for any athlete looking to redefine success beyond the field... for those ready to channel their sportsmanship into entrepreneurial triumphs

Tyler Adkison LA Dodger - Entrepreneur, Investor
Tyler Adkison endorses after the game by Jay Dixon

A New Team After The Game

You bring the drive, we bring the coaches, team, and playbook to get the ultimate business championship.

CEO Mindset Training

The Future CEO Training program provides a comprehensive toolkit for aspiring CEOs to enhance their leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills. Participants will gain access to science-driven protocols through Mindset 15, along with a one-on-one mindset coaching session to foster a CEO mindset. The program includes self-paced learning options with high-quality video lessons and supporting assets to facilitate skill development. Additionally, members can expect reflection and integration assessments, priority access to membership upgrades, and advanced courses.

The Toolkit To Buy A Business

Our Business Acquisition courses puts you in direct contact with our coaches to help guide you through the course materials and gives you direct access to our team of industry professionals who will support your effort to source investment opportunities, negotiate deals, raise financing and successfully acquire a business. This one-on-one approach is unparalleled in it's focus to help great leaders find great opportunities, and navigate the world of entrepreneurship through acquisition.

As a former Los Angeles Dodgers player who transitioned into entrepreneurship, I deeply resonate with the message in Jay Dixon's 'After The Game.' Dixon's insights are not just motivational; they are a practical guide for any athlete looking to redefine success beyond the field.

Tyler Adkison endorses after the game by Jay Dixon
Tyler Adkison LA Dodgers

"I love this. It resonates so deep with not only me but any athlete really at any level. I'm gonna keep reading and would love to help and get involved"

Brian De la Puente NFL

"I had the pleasure of working with Jay on the sale of my business, during which time I was consistently impressed by his abilities and skills. One of the things that impressed me the most about Jay was his vision. I was concerned with maintaining my company’s culture, team, and ensuring a successful outcome. Jay got it."

Ryan Wilson Denver, CO

Their integrity was commendable... Moreover, they were transparent, and they valued me throughout the process. I appreciated that they didn’t treat me as a commodity and that they cared about me.

Jaime Arias CEO - Patients For You

"I am writing this endorsement with the highest regard for Jay and his book! This book will help a lot of people move forward in their lives and achieve the success that their heart desires!"

Marques Ogden endorses after the game by Jay Dixon
Marques Ogden NFL

"Understood our business well....and captured the size of our company and treated us like so. We never felt pressured to make a decision so I’d say they cared about us and you rarely get that feeling."

Brandon Pindulic Austin, TX

A necessary resource for both current and former athletes.

Stephanie Geosits endorses After The Game by Jay Dixon
Stephanie Geosits Soccer Canada

“Thanks Jay! I appreciate all of your work to make this happen!” Thanks Jay, and I hope can do more of these together in the future

David Reske Boston, MA

Your mindset is everything as a business leader - everyone wants to be part of a winning organization..After The Game

Sonny Thadani CEO - Robin

Jay- Thank you for your help in getting this deal closed.

Scott Brandon Myrtle Beach, SC

"Thanks for the hard work, and the support getting through final negotiations and due diligence. Shout out to Jay and team for their immense patience with me."

Josh Rubin Sacramento, CA

As a former athlete turned business leader, this book outlines the key characteristics one learns in sports and can apply to business.

Danny Wadhams Co-Owner Flowing Tide

The Locker Room

Companies we've helped


What is Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Online Courses?

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, or ETA, entails the acquisition and expansion of established small businesses that have already proven their viability in the market. Those embarking on this journey are often referred to as 'searchers.' The scope of these transactions can vary significantly, ranging from $25,000 to $25 million for a single company. ETA entrepreneurs typically secure a majority stake in the businesses they invest in, assuming the role of CEO to oversee their operations and growth. For many, the ultimate goal is to sell the business for a profit within a five to seven-year timeframe. Searchers have the flexibility to explore opportunities across diverse industries.

How do I buy a business?

We equipped our students to different paths to acquire a business including the traditional search fund model where a searcher raises funds from investors for both the search and acquisition, self-funded searches followed by investor fundraising, self-funded searches combined with SBA-backed loans, and participation in CEO in Training or accelerator programs to gain essential skills and experience in business operations.

What are the tools and resources?

Join our exclusive Accelerator Program, offering invaluable insights into business acquisition. Led by Jay Dixon, the author of "After The Game," you'll benefit from Coaching Calls and Live Workshops with seasoned advisors to enhance your expertise. Personalized guidance will help you craft a compelling value proposition and buyer profile, while Live Q&A sessions with our lending partner prepare you for financial support. Our comprehensive toolkit includes the Deal Evaluation Scorebook, Analysis Tools, Real-Life Case Studies, and Self-Evaluation Workbooks. You'll also have access to Outreach Tools, Templates, and be invited to Q&A calls with experts.

We partner with athlete to help them buy the business of their choice and empower them with the knowledge, resources, and coaches to ensure success. 

Why now?

10,000 businesses a day are seeking new owners and the market is $10 trillion between now and 2040.

What is the time commitment?

From strategy, through sourcing to deal execution, we have the resource and team to achieve your goals. All educational materials and resources are self paced.

Are there networking opportunities?

Strategic partnerships, a constant flow of acquisition opportunities, a wealth of resources, peer support, and valuable investor connections, you'll have the tools and support you need to succeed in the world of acquisition. Your path to business ownership has never been more promising.