AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Partners in Proven Potential

Invest In Human Potential

Our exclusive partnership opportunities offer access to the most exciting alternative asset class. 

Unlock untapped potential and acquire cash flowing businesses through our industry leading Accelerator Program while making an impact on athletes lives after sport. Partner with former athletes searchers and a team of experts to acquire amazing businesses with $1M-$5M EBITDA, sustainable growth, and the highest performing alternative asset class over the last 40 years.

Our partners can now access this growing opportunity, diversify your portfolio, and put capital to work alongside the athletic community.

Businesses We Acquire


Large enough for investors, small enough to out run the competition. Smaller businesses with EBITDA in the $1-$5 million range have greater growth potential, lower competition, and flexibility compared to larger mid-market businesses.

Majority Stakes

Deal structures that put us in charge enhancing the decision-making control, alignment of interests, governance and risk management, value creation, and strategic exit abilities.

Culture Driven Team

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Athletes get it.


Our playbook unlocks proprietary deal flow and direct to founder relationships to structure winning deals for the team while creating sellers that champion our approach.

Profitable & Cash Generating

Acquiring profitable and cash-generating businesses can offer investors a solid foundation for sustainable growth and a reliable source of income, enhancing the overall financial performance of their investment portfolio.

Exiting Founder

The baby-boomer generation is seeking aligned interests as they reach retirement age. By bringing in new energy and a team focused operator, the $10T opportunity to acquire these businesses and enhance the outcome with new technology, automation, and enthusiastic energy brings value creation from the start.

The Field of Play

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Partners For Something Meaningful

SUCCESS is more than just looking for a just a great return, invest in something that has a long range impact both for yourself and others to leave a LEGACY OF SIGNIFICANCE.

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