AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Operating Partner Placement

Find Great Leaders for Your Business

Are you a Private Equity firm or Privately Held Business searching for exceptional talent to drive success in your organization? 

Our Operating Partner Placement service connects you with a unique pool of individuals who possess the qualities, skills, and mindset necessary for peak value creation. We specialize in matching ex-athletes with strategic roles in your organization, leveraging their competitive drive, teamwork abilities, and leadership skills to deliver exceptional results.

Services we provide

A personalized approach for our Private Equity partners to achieve success in the game of business. 

Buy Side Origination

Originate proprietary deals through our operator experts with their bran and expertise is sourcing and securing attractive opportunities.

CEO Operational Expertise

One on one coaching for your team and CEO's to train in peak performance, M&A, and growth operations.

Partner Led Searches
Individualized attention from our M&A partners to strategize and execute on growth through acquisitions.

Contingency Recruiting

Successfully place operators in your acquired assets using our empirically based, science backed report to match cultures and achieve success.

Recruitment Process Outsource

Full service recruitment including sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates to place in management roles.

Retained Search

Exclusive access to our bench of proven leaders and retained sourcing of the right cultural fit for your asset.

Learn more about Partner Placement

Leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to identify and assess ex-athletes who are a perfect match for your organization. Our rigorous selection process evaluates their skills, experiences, cultural fit, and alignment with your specific requirements.

Why Athletes?

CEO’s with a background in competitive are statistically better hires:


Ability to consistently adhere to a set of rules, principles, and routines in order to achieve their goals, driving substantial value for the organization.


Longer tenure in their roles, instilling confidence in investors due to their resilience, adaptability, and ability to lead through challenging circumstances.


Lower debt to asset ratio, instilling confidence in investors by showcasing their disciplined management and focus on sustainable growth strategies


Of Fortune 500 CEO’s played college sports showcasing the exceptional leadership skills, discipline, and determination that athletes bring to business.

"As a former gymnast, I found myself searching for a new challenge after entering the job market, but needed real-world training and guidance around entrepreneurship that would go beyond my training in school. Since joining Athlepreneur, I've learned where to focus my personal growth and now have a more rigorous and informed way of envisioning my next step towards owning my own business.

Erica Partner & COO

You Down with OPP?

Operating partner placement services offer immense value to PE firms by providing access to a highly specialized talent pool with deep industry expertise and operational acumen. These partnerships enable PE firms to tap into the unique skill sets of operating partners, driving value creation, operational improvements, and strategic guidance within their portfolio companies, ultimately enhancing investment returns.