AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Speaking Engagements

From Athlete to Entrepreneur: Mastering Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Join us in this empowering speaking engagement to unlock your entrepreneurial potential as an athlete, gain practical guidance, and be inspired to embark on the path of entrepreneurship through acquisition. Leverage your unique athletic skillset to drive business success and create a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.

Why Athletes are the Key to Investing Success

Jay Dixon

Jay Dixon delivers a transformative and motivational speaking engagement that will ignite your journey to entrepreneurial success!

Step into a realm of unparalleled guidance with Jay, a true luminary in the art of transitioning athletes from the field to the world of business ownership. Boasting a remarkable journey from athletics to thriving entrepreneur, Jay is more than a speaker – he’s a mentor who walks the talk.

With a legacy etched in sport  and a string of prosperous businesses under his belt, Jay brings a wealth of wisdom to propel athletes toward business triumph. His tailored program is a fusion of strategic acumen, mental resilience, and actionable insights, finely tuned to empower athletes with the tools needed to conquer the challenges of entrepreneurship. As you embark on this new game-changing venture, Jay will be your guiding light, helping you score big in your entrepreneurial journey.

The Mindset 15

Geraldine Anathan

A highly sought after Peak Performance and Mindset coach, Geraldine Anathan delivers a transformative speech, recently featured at Citi, Johnson & Johnson, and BrainPop, that inspires the audience to utilize their innate leadership abilities to manage teams and foster a culture of triumph. The Mindset 15 mindset training course engages the audience to embrace personal growth and adaptability as powerful tools that will enable you to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and flourish in the ever-changing business world. Set clear goals and craft a strategic vision for your acquired business, leveraging goal-setting techniques to define an inspiring direction, establish strategic objectives, and create actionable plans for growth and prosperity. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to unlock your full potential, leverage your athletic prowess, and embark on a remarkable journey as an athlete turned entrepreneur through acquisition.