AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Accelerator Program

The SuccessCoach Accelerator Program is an advanced online course complemented by coaching and an engaged community, designed to fast-track your journey to becoming a CEO in 12 months or less.  Engage with a network of experts with a combined 300+ deals, along with Harvard and MIT trained experts, and high achievers from the realms of sports, business, and entrepreneurship through every phase of business ownership.

We meticulously guide our members through:

  • Harvard led Peak Performance CEO training
  • Identifying and sourcing promising opportunities
  • Structuring offers and innovative financing solutions
  • MIT Finance Masters teaches valuation in athletic terms
  • Negotiating favorable terms to your advantage
  • Seamlessly closing the deal
  • Expanding operations and scaling post-acquisition
  • Leadership team development


Ownership Made Achievable

The Journey From Athlete To CEO

The Accelerator

Mindset 15
MINDSET 15 is a transformative course that empowers individuals with an empirically backed and proven strategies to transform your mindset from athletics to how the most successful CEO think and make decisions. Through 15 comprehensive modules led by experienced facilitators, participants will develop resources and strategies to master the mindset and make decisions like a world class CEO.
Mindset Training Course
Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition is a comprehensive course that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to identify, position, structure, evaluate, and acquire a business. Led by experienced facilitators, the course features engaging content, neuroscience insights, and individual roadmap to take you from start to finish and begin your entrepreneur through acquisition journey.
ETA Training Course
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Candidates who successfully complete the SuccessCoach Accelerator
Program can apply to join an exclusive cohort and be teamed
with experts to successfully make their first acquisition.


We are delighted to share the experiences of those who took a chance and embarked on their learning journey with us. These testimonials reflect the transformative impact our courses have had on their lives and careers. Discover what our participants have to say about their remarkable experiences.

"A necessary resource for both current and former athletes.

Stephanie Geosits endorses After The Game by Jay Dixon
Stephanie G
Soccer Canada

"I had the pleasure of working with Jay on the sale of my business, during which time I was consistently impressed...I was concerned with maintaining my company's culture, team, and ensuring a successful outcome. Jay got it.

Ryan W.

"The necessary and indispensable tools for any successful transition into business, entrepreneurship or a trade with the knowledge that they have been proven to be successful by some of the best athletes in the world.

demaurice smith endorses After The Game by Jay Dixon
DeMaurice S
Geraldine Anathan

Instructor Biography
Geraldine Anathan


Geraldine Anathan, a renowned Peak Performance and Mindset coach, has delivered inspirational speeches at prominent companies like Citi, Johnson & Johnson, and BrainPop. Her message encourages individuals to tap into their natural leadership skills to lead teams and foster a culture of success. Anathan’s coaching emphasizes personal growth and adaptability as vital tools for thriving in the ever-changing business landscape, guiding participants to set clear goals and create strategic visions for business acquisition, making it an exceptional opportunity for athletes transitioning into entrepreneurship.


Harvard University
Master of Psychology 


11 Years of coaching experience
19 Years experience as entrepreneur

CEO Rating



Citi Group

Johnson & Johnson


Jay Dixon Athlete Business Coach

Instructor Biography Jay Dixon


Jay, a 3x founder, author, and consultant, draws inspiration from his athletic background to help athletes and elite entrepreneurs excel in the business world, leveraging the valuable lessons learned from sports. With a football career at the University of Nevada and advanced business education, including an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Certificate in Venture Capital/ Private Equity, Jay coaches individuals across the country, aiming to transform their personal and professional lives. 


Columbia Business School

 Venture Capital & Private Equity


7 Years of coaching experience
15 Years experience as entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs Rating



OpGen Media




What is Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition?

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, or ETA, entails the acquisition and expansion of established small businesses that have already proven their viability in the market. Those embarking on this journey are often referred to as 'searchers.' The scope of these transactions can vary significantly, ranging from $25,000 to $25 million for a single company. ETA entrepreneurs typically secure a majority stake in the businesses they invest in, assuming the role of CEO to oversee their operations and growth. For many, the ultimate goal is to sell the business for a profit within a five to seven-year timeframe. Searchers have the flexibility to explore opportunities across diverse industries.

How do I buy a business?

We equipped our students to different paths to acquire a business including the traditional search fund model where a searcher raises funds from investors for both the search and acquisition, self-funded searches followed by investor fundraising, self-funded searches combined with SBA-backed loans, and participation in CEO in Training or accelerator programs to gain essential skills and experience in business operations.

What courses do you offer?

Our research backed and time tested playbook blends the mindset of a CEO with the science and art of acquiring and operating a business to success. We offer live coaching, one on one training, deal team assistance, and an exclusive network of other entrepreneurs. See more about our course on the tab above.

Why now?

With an estimated $10 trillion in privately owned business assets set to be sold by 2040, the potential is immense.

What is the time commitment?

The journey to CEO takes a consistent drive and persistence to achieve success. A total of 10 self paced modules and students can complete the course in as little as one month. Once a search for your acquisition begins, it can take 3-18 months to successfully acquire a business. Be surrounded with a team each step of the way and learn more about our program, the different tiers, our investor ready Draft Day and book a one on one discovery call to learn more.

Are there networking opportunities?

Join our program and unlock the doors to our exclusive network, tailor-made to elevate your entrepreneurial journey. With strategic partnerships, a constant flow of acquisition opportunities, a wealth of resources, peer support, and valuable investor connections, you'll have the tools and support you need to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship through acquisition. Your path to business ownership has never been more promising.