AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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If you’re an athlete determined to excel in the world of business, Success Coach offers a unique training program and network designed to transition athletes into successful business owners. Setting us apart from other consultants and programs, Success Coach empowers athletes to leverage their athletic abilities in the business arena by providing access to experienced coaches, a comprehensive playbook, a robust network, and abundant resources necessary to thrive as business champions.

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Jay Dixon

head coach

Propelled by his desire to harness the skills he learned as an athlete, Jay studied the education athletics provides individuals and proposed the question: What if you could harness the many invaluable lessons you learned through sports and apply them to a timely opportunity to get back in the game, transforming your professional and personal life in the process?

A 3x founder, author, and consultant, Jay travels the country as a business coach for athletes and elite entrepreneurs looking to succeed in the game of business. 

Jay played football at the University of Nevada under Hall of Fame Coach Chris Ault and has pursued his MBA at Columbia Business School and holds a Certificate of Business Excellence in Venture Capital / Private Equity. Jay is a father to an amazing daughter and highly involved in the community with his volunteering efforts.

“I founded SuccessCoach®, not just as a former athlete, but as a coach, a mentor, and a believer that the athletic education is the key ingredient to becoming extraordinary business leaders who can change the world.” 

At the age of 7 years old, I put on a helmet and walked onto a field. My identity was sowed and my future was planted. I was an athlete. For the next 16 years, my identity was continually solidified. This identity was exacerbated in college. I was a division 1 student-athlete, I played in front of stadiums filled with 90,000 people. I took classes that fit into my athletic endeavors, not my academic aspirations. In fact, I didn't have too many academic aspirations. I didn't have the time to explore what felt right with academics. As soon as class ended, it was time to pursue my athletic endeavors. Academics for college athletes are often a necessity rather than an opportunity. Necessary to maintain your identity. Internships, you say? Yeah, right.
As a college athlete, there is little time to focus on what comes after athletics. You better be ever present in the current moment or you will find yourself sitting on the bench or sideline. Your competitors are all around you and their identity means just as much to them. The public often mis associates an athlete's identity as their ego. But it's not that, it truly is an identity. Once I played my last game and graduated, I was lost for years. I wasn't alone, many of my teammates worked dead-end hourly jobs. Many lost their closest relationships due to anger and depression. In fact, one teammate ended up in prison. It was scary. I bounced around jobs. I treated the work place like the football field, often using vulgar language and stern demands to get what I wanted, just like the coaches and athletes around me used for many years to win championships.
But, it never worked. I suffered at work. I suffered in business. I didn't understand the game of business. I struggled with my identity. I lost my purpose, my passion, my identity. How the hell do I get the feeling of winning? How do I pursue greatness? Where is the "high" in business? It surely wasn't coming through a dead end job. And, big corporations did not offer any of this for me. I hated work. I hated that my boss was someone that got to spend their time studying and exploring in college. I hated who I was. 

Then, I began to read about the mindset of successful people and realized it was my mind that was holding me back. After nearly a year of studying the mindset of successful business people, I began to believe it and change my mind. I said "goodbye" to corporate america and I founded a company, I was an entrepreneur, and I began to understand my identity. Though, I didn't know what the end goal was. Where was the championship ring in entrepreneurship? What was the process to get there? What did a win feel like? Fast forward a few years, and "Bam" the company was sold. It was a high. It was a win. It was a championship.  Speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs, you realize there is an identity crisis one needs to overcome when exiting their business. I totally understand this now. My biggest source of angst was my identity. And, this is something I've struggled with for 15 years. Who Am I? What purpose do I serve? How can I change the world?  Now its time for me to help others like me. Others who have a lost identity. Others who yearn to change the world. Others who thrive off the pursuit of excellence. Others who want to fastrack their success as an entrepreneur. Athlepreneurs®

A Championship Roster

From the field to the boardroom, our roster of coaches and experts know what it takes to succeed in life after sports. 


Geraldine Anathan

Geraldine doesn’t just coach – she shapes journeys. Geraldine’s unique approach equips high-performing athletes to easily make the transition into dynamic entrepreneurs, providing key science-based insight to the tools to conquer new terrains of personal and professional success.

Fueled by her passion for human potential, Geraldine provides “Neuroscience for Leadership,” a cutting-edge course at the intersection of science and transformation. Geraldine coaches athletes through the mindset transition from athlete to business. Her expertise is fortified by a stellar academic pedigree that includes certificates in both Organizational Behavior and Human Behavior, as well as Masters in Psychology, all from Harvard University.


Geraldine Anathan

".The key to success is in the mind. Ill teach you how to think like a CEO"

Source, acquire and operate your own business

Mastering the art of sourcing, acquiring, and operating a business alongside a world-class team is a transformative journey that propels entrepreneurs to new heights, combining their individual strengths with the collective wisdom and expertise of exceptional teammates to forge a path of unparalleled success and innovation.

Let's discuss your future beyond sports

Athletes have the proven potential to drive financial performance, foster innovation, inspire teams, navigate challenges effectively, and create a culture of excellence. Join an elite team of business coaches for athletes to thrive after sports. 

What if you could harness the many invaluable lessons you learned as a college or professional athlete and apply them to your professional and personal life?

In After the Game, former D1 college football player turned successful business leader Jay Dixon shows you how.