AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Pre-Seed Funding Accelerator


Startup Training

Empowering Athletes into Startup Entrepreneurs is a three-stage program to support athletes in becoming entrepreneurs. Stage 1 focuses on introducing the entrepreneurial mindset and journey. Stage 2 supports startup founders in developing their business models and go-to-market strategies. Stage 3 accelerates already funded startups by providing mentorship, guidance, and development to help take them to the next level. The overall objective is to empower athletes to successfully transition into entrepreneurship through this progressive system of education, incubation, and acceleration.


Jay Dixon



What is Startup Training?

This is a 6-module intensive program focused on equipping athletes with the knowledge, tools, and connections to successfully secure pre-seed funding for their startups. Through workshops, hands-on sessions, and access to expert speakers and mentors, athletes will develop critical startup capabilities – from refining their value proposition to building financial models and crafting investor pitches.

The key value proposition of this program is that it provides a structured curriculum tailored specifically to athletes aspiring to launch their own ventures. In an accelerated timeframe, participants gain exposure to best practices in areas like product-market fit, team building, market research, and fundraising. The program culminates in polished deliverables – an investor pitch deck, pitch video, and one-pager – that set athletes up for success in pitching potential investors. Additionally, the connections and advisor relationships formed during the program offer ongoing support.

startup accelerator for athletes

Course Curriculum

Value Proposition and MVP Validation

Refine your startup’s value proposition and build a minimum viable product (MVP) to validate demand with hands-on workshops and user testing.

Founding Team Formation and Market Research

Identify gaps in your team and conduct market research to size opportunities through surveys, segmentation analysis, and expert-led training.

Business Structure and Growth Strategies

Select an optimal legal structure and explore customer acquisition as well as partnership strategies to rapidly grow your business.

Financials and Competitive Positioning

Create projected financial statements and assess the competitive landscape to position your startup for exponential returns.

Investment Management and Network Building

Learn startup budgeting and leverage an expert advisor network to accelerate business growth and leadership.

Crafting the Investor Pitch

Bring all the elements together to produce the deliverables – pitch deck, video, and one-pager – for a compelling investor pitch.

Ready for the next phase of growth?

If you’re an athlete driven to start your own company, this intense 6-module bootcamp will equip you with the startup toolkit to get investor-ready fast. Apply now for the upcoming cohort as spots are limited!