AFTER THE GAME - Bridging the gap from winning athlete to thriving entrepreneur | by Jay Dixon

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Committed to your

From application to CEO.

Our CEO training program starts with an online bootcamp course designed to guide entrepreneurs through the search process, covering everything from raising capital and developing a thesis to financial analysis and leadership transition. The curriculum includes video lectures, case studies, financial models, and personalized coaching, with additional resources for deep industry analysis and networking with experienced search fund entrepreneurs. We support participants in refining their acquisition strategies and connecting with the right team, leveraging our access to research resources and industry databases


CEO in Training

2 Weeks Online, Self Paced

We assist entrepreneurs in developing their CEO thesis, providing feedback on private placement memorandums, and discussing fundraising strategy and fit.

Throughout this 2-week online journey, we support entrepreneurs in refining their CEO thesis, the essential tool to become a newly planted CEO, offering insights on private placement memorandums, operating partnership opportunities, fundraising strategies, and finding the right team fit. Recognizing the importance of a solid strategy, we provide access to invaluable research resources and industry databases. Our commitment to deep industry analysis and connections with seasoned search fund entrepreneurs and operators underscores our dedication to fostering successful search fund endeavors.

We also help prospective CEO’s connect with other Private Equity, Operators, and industry experts to build their network in preparation for their search.

Finally, we can share our exclusive insights and resources to transition planning for your new role, from the mindset taught by Harvard Psychologist and playbooks from experienced entrepreneurs.

Not just motivational; they are a practical guide for any athlete looking to redefine success beyond the field.

Tyler Adikson
LA Dodgers, Entrepreneur, Investor

Search Setup

Weeks 3-12

We developed a proven system to get you into your new role.

Unlock the full potential of your acquisition journey with our CEO in Residence Acquisition Program, designed to provide you with an unparalleled edge in the competitive landscape. Through a detailed review of sourcing strategies and proprietary deal generation approaches, we empower you to build robust prospect pipelines in your target sectors along with introductions to proprietary deal flow direct to you. Benefit from a personalized CRM platform, tailored specifically to streamline your acquisition process and enhance your efficiency.

Our program ensures you’re well-equipped with NDA and conversation frameworks, alongside case studies on valuation and deal negotiation, to sharpen your negotiation skills. Receive 1-on-1 assistance on financial model creation and pitch deck formulation, ensuring you’re ready to present your case convincingly.

I began my software-focused search several years post-MBA, and my intent was to move quic

Diliana Dimitrova
Avalerian Capital

Search Process

Key Activites

Finding a great business to buy is hard. Our role during your search is to help you remove obstacles and prioritize the highest-potential acquisitions, and to be available when you need us.

Many Searchers say the first 90 days of their search are the most challenging, as they work to get their sourcing function running and to build a pipeline of opportunities. We advise on all aspects of the process, and offer tailored feedback based on your industry focus area. Our Searcher Slack channel is a tool for sharing tips and tricks and for “learning in public” with other entrepreneurs.
When you have your sourcing engine running, the most important thing we provide is fast, detailed feedback. We’re resourced to connect within 24 hours, and we aim to provide specific feedback that helps you prioritize your time and focus on the best opportunities.
Trilogy has been an excellent partner throughout the process. They are always there to support; whether it is during the hunt for a business, at closing, or while building the company.
Hans Esterhuizen
CEO, Market Equipment

Diligence & Closing

Key Activites

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Searchers on every step of the negotiation and diligence process.

When you’re ready to submit a letter of intent, our role as a lead or co-lead partner ramps up even more. We’ll help with valuation and the structure of your offer. When you and the business owner have signed an LOI, we’ll help identify key bets to answer during diligence, often bringing in our Operating Executives and other industry experts to vet specific aspects of the business. We’ll help you negotiate a credit facility as needed, and provide input into the investment memo you present to your investors. We also work alongside you with the business owner to help establish trust and confidence in the acquisition and in you as the future CEO.
As you move towards close, we’ll help you negotiate you operating agreement, form a board, and plan for closing and your transition into leading the business.
It takes a huge amount of effort to get a deal over the finish line, and signing the LOI was just the beginning of that process. Many of my investors stepped in to help. Trilogy, as one of my lead investors, flew out to meet the seller and tour one of our facilities, and played an important role in helping the seller choose us over other offers. Trilogy helped negotiate my operating agreement, and worked with me to finalize governance and board composition — and having Nikita as a board member continues to be a key advantage for Indigo.
Charlie Wesley
CEO, Indigo Physiotherapy


Key Activites

We help ensure Operators are backed by a diverse and supportive board and strategic advisors as they transition from Searcher to CEO.

After the transaction has closed, we become active partners in your success as board members and/or strategic advisors. While we often form close working relationships with Operators, we also strive to ensure Searchers benefit from our team’s collective expertise. Additionally, our Operating Executives have extensive experience helping CEOs overcome specific strategic and operational challenges across all aspects of business management and execution.
Our capital is patient and our outlook is long term. We support organic growth, M&A, and long-term hold strategies.
Trilogy’s support didn’t end when the transaction closed. I relied heavily on them as we built FSI into the premier provider of healthcare CMMS software. Trilogy has helped me recruit key leaders to the company, and their operating executives played critical roles in accelerating product and sales growth.
Zachary Seely